So many of us today need to earn more money than our jobs offer and we want to be in control of our own future. Putting your mind to work and coming up with good business ideas is a great place to start. This brief discussion presents advice and ideas for marketing and boosting your business profile based on our own experiences.

Whether you enter into a franchise, a small business or you go out consulting your services contractually, you will need to present yourself professionally to your prospective clients.

First Impressions

First impressions are a lasting impression. How many times have we heard that?

The card that you use will have a visual and lasting impact on the people you meet. After you leave, your card remains. When starting with your venture, a card is most often the first item of stationery you obtain. It is sometimes your very first purchase before you even begin! If your card presents you professionally, then your ideas will be perceived as professional. That is the marketing effect you need, and its that easy. You don't have to be a marketing guru to leave a good impression, you just need to think about how you wish your customers to perceive you and think about you when you're not there.

For example. Look at this lawn mowing card we picked up.

Sample of a cheap design."

Then compare this full colour one we provide for less than $50. We're not saying that the first doesn't work, but rather the latter may get you more positive responses.

A sample of one of our free designs

Starting a business

Business Ideas for starting a new business There is a time and place for a budget looking business card. If you are selling products at a super cheap budget price, then your card may look cheap also. On the other hand, if you are in a professional services industry, or all your competitors have flashy cards, then you need to consider these aspects. So there are horses for courses.

When you are starting a business, carefully consider the way you want to present your ideas, the type and quality of person and company you want as clients and then consider the visual image of your business card and stationery. Select Business Cards in the left menu and select your industry to see the cards we have put together to help you start marketing your business.

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