The following settings will help you set up your Adobe Acrobat Distiller to give you a print optimized pdf file. You may wish to save your current settings prior to adjusting them as you are probably also using Distiller to make computer screen quality pdf files at present. So save your settings and call them Screen. Then make the following changes and save these as Print.

Distillers first tab settings.

In the first Tab: General, follow these settings.

Swap the Width and Height around in Default Page Size for portrait format cards.

Distillers second tab settings.

In the second Tab: Compression, follow these settings.

The aim of the game here is to compress your images as little as possible whilst staying under the 2mb limit for uploaded files. So Try the Quality setting at Maximum first, but if your files are over 2mb in size, start coming down in quality.

Distillers third tab settings.

In the third Tab: Fonts, follow these settings.

Your fonts MUST be embedded or your pdf file WILL be rejected by our server. So make sure you click Embed All Fonts.

Distillers forth tab settings.

In the forth Tab: Color, follow these settings.

There are to be no embedded ICC profiles in your files. ICC profiles can cause adjustments to your colours overriding your specified colours. Leaving the Color Unchanged will ensure that Distiller doesn't embed any.

The Device-Dependent Data section is most often not used. These settings are for really advanced users of Distiller. You may find you need to adjust these if you have included some really fancy images with clipping masks.

Your PDF size is displayed in Acrobat Reader.

In the fifth Tab: Advanced

It is up to the program you are using and the files that are being distilled. Basically, if your file opens correctly in Acrobat Reader and gives you the correct size, then you're fine. Otherwise you may have to trial and error with these settings.

The measurements of your pdf file when opened in Acrobat Reader MUST read 91mm x 55mm (or 55mm x 91mm for portrait cards). There is .3mm tolerance allowed. If it does not read correctly, then you will be wasting your time uploading your file as our website WILL REJECT YOUR FILE to ensure your business cards are never printed wrong.