Our print process is set up so that you can have as many colours as you like for our standard low prices. The prices we quote are for any number of colours.

Think outside the rectangle! We print both 1 colour business cards and full colour business cards all together. So there is no reason why not to include a photograph of yourself, products or services you provide on your business cards.

Just like a glossy magazine

The process we print with is the same as a high quality glossy colour magazine. So you can be assured that you will have the best quality multi colour business card for the one low price. The prices are even cheaper than you were paying for a black and white business card in the past!

Tips on things to include on your cards

With this new opportunity of colour, let us prompt you to things you have thought too expensive to do in the past...

  • Include a photo of yourself on your cards.
  • A picture of your products on the back.
  • The logo of the brand of product you sell or represent.
  • Include an Award logo you have received.
  • A shot of your delivery van promoting fast and efficient delivery process.
  • A photo of your building or shopfront so people can easliy recognise your business.

These are just a few ideas that are now possible for you to boost your business card from an information service to a marketing tool.