Catch that order for me! If you have need to change your delivery address for an order, then providing we can catch it before it goes out, this should be possible. There is no process for you to do this via our website, you are required to email us your request.

As long as the country doesn't change then there will be no extra charges involved.

First check if your order has been Dispatched already

  1. Log on to our website with your email and password
  2. Find at the top of the screen the list of your Recent Orders
  3. On the right of the current Order in question read its' Status.
  4. If the Status is at Dispatched, then you are too late.
  5. If the Status is at Finishing, then you may still be too late. But email us incase we can still catch it for you.
  6. Any earlier status should be ok. Just email us your request.

* Please note that the fact you send us an email does NOT guarantee that the change can be made. We will do our best to change the delivery address and email you back either way. We may well be in the process of doing the dispatch of your order and be unable to effect any change.