Cards trimed smaller

Special trim request

Our standard business card size is 89mm x 53mm. We are able to cut your cards to a different size as long as they are smaller than our standard.

This only applies to card that you create with our option 2, Create Your Own. We cannot cut down our standard generic designs.

Our standard size is our maximum size possible.

How do I indicate my size?

Your size MUST be indicated on the cards artwork. We will only do an extra trim off the bottom of the card or off the right of the card. We will NOT cut from the top and the bottom of your cards.

You must place a line of text at the base of the cards (or the right) stating the depth required in millimeters. Follow the example shown above. (Do NOT include the red dotted line as shown in the sample above.)

You must also still allow for bleed. Any images, lines or text that you want on the edge of your card must extend over the cut depth by 1mm. In the example shown, the card is to be cut at 45mm and the image still continues to a depth of 46mm allowing for the required 1mm bleed.

Follow up email

We require that you also send us a follow up email so that we can watch your order go through and ensure the extra trimming is done.

There is no extra charge

If you place the text on your cards artwork, and send a follow up email, then there is no charge for this service.